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What is the Best Flight Tracker API?

what is the best flight tracker api Airplane GEEK What is the Best Flight Tracker API?

If you are looking to build a flight tracking app, a virtual flight map or if you are just wondering “how many planes are in the sky right now? ” in a fashionable developer way, you are probably wondering “what is the best flight tracker API? ”

Well, this question may have multiple answers depending on your priorities. What types of data do you want to include in your project? Is client support a key aspect for you? Do you aim to include all airlines, including low cost carriers? Or maybe your business focuses on cargo flights alone, even.

Getting the data directly from airlines could be one method to move forward. But within this case, one of the biggest problems will be that the majority of the airlines have not yet standardized XML-based APIs. Taking action based on each airline’s API structure could be a bit of a development nightmare. What you need is aggregated data and easy-to-use APIs. It’s a plus if it’s budget friendly, too.

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