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ADS-B is the single most important technology to control air traffic today. It allows pilots to see exactly what the tower sees. To prevent any accidents, both need to be fully aware of other aircraft around them and ADS-B does just that.  

How is ADSB any better than radar? ADS-B simply has greater vision plus coverage. This is because ADS-B ground stations are more affordable and easier to maintenance when compared to radar. ADS-B can cover any part of the world that will radar fails to cover, like Alaska. Radar technology is indeed still being used but ADS-B wins this battle without a doubt. That’s no surprise considering radar technology dates back to WW2.  

This will be why the majority of the flights a flight tracker API offers are usually ADS-B flights in general. Likewise, Aviation Edge airline flight tracking data includes both ADS-B flights and radar to maximize overall coverage. We receive ADSB data from our multiple information partners around the world and provide this aggregated data to our clients with very fast APIs. Today, more than 6000 customers including major airlines, airports, software developers, hospitality sector giants, universities, museums in addition to much more use Aviation Edge ADSB Tracker API.

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