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The Sriwijaya Air Crash: A Brief Rundown of What We Know

Unfortunately we’re only a few days into 2021 and we already have our first major airline crash. Keeping it brief, here’s the basics of what we know:

The airline: Sriwijaya Air is an Indonesian low-cost carrier that has operated since the early 2000s, with domestic and a few short international routes. The airline has had a few runway overrun accidents , but nothing like this before. However the Indonesian low-cost carrier segment as a whole, which has been growing like wildfire to accommodate demand in its developing home country, has been fraught with safety issues.

the sriwijaya air crash a brief rundown of what we know Airplane GEEK The Sriwijaya Air Crash: A Brief Rundown of What We Know

A 737-500 operated by Sriwijaya Air subsidiary NAM Air – from the airline website

The airplane: The aircraft involved was a 26-year-old Boeing 737-500 with the registration PK-CLC. It was first operated by Continental Airlines, and came to Sriwijaya later in its life. Of course, this is not a 737 MAX. It’s from a generation of the 737 lineage with the longstanding great safety record overall. So far, most of the mainstream media coverage we’ve seen has made that distinction clear, which we are glad to see (for the sake of keeping unnecessary hysteria to a minimum).

The flight, SJ182: The flight had 62 people on board. All that we know about the five-minute airline flight for now is through flight tracker data, and it looks like the particular plane lost over 10, 000 feet of altitude in less than a minute, four minutes into typically the flight. A trajectory such as that suggests something significantly worse than an engine loss or minor malfunction. Other losses of aircraft with pre-crash trajectories just like that have been affected by things like bombs, unrecovered stalls, or a truly catastrophic level of damage to this airframe. As for what happened in this case, it’s far too early to speculate. There was definitely some bad weather in the area, though all of us don’t have granular enough data to know exactly what was going upon around the plane at often the point it began its dive.

the sriwijaya air crash a brief rundown of what we know Airplane GEEK The Sriwijaya Air Crash: A Brief Rundown of What We Know

Courtesy of FlightRadar24 – flightradar24. com

Wreckage has been spotted in the water, plus it does not appear likely that there are any survivors. Our thoughts go out to the passengers in addition to crew lost, and their families. We’ll be maintaining an eye on your news, though airline incident investigations are thorough and even often take some time to yield definitive findings.

SENIOR CORRESPONDENT – NEW YORK, NY. Manu got his private pilot license within high school, setting the exact tone for his interest in all things aviation. He earned his frequent flyer credentials working as a new journalist, and is now some sort of medical resident in New York City. He enjoys writing about air travel from a millennial’s perspective.

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