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Cessna 172 vs Cessna 182 – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

cessna 172 vs cessna 182 the ultimate buyers guide Airplane GEEK Cessna 172 vs Cessna 182 – The Ultimate Buyers Guide


In terms of a profile, the 182 has an empty weight of 1,970 lb (894 kg) and a gross weight of 3,100 lb (1,406 kg). Unlike the two-blade propeller of the Cessna 172, one defining characteristic of the 182 is that most models add an additional propeller blade. These propellers are generally powered by a Lycoming four-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engine, similar to most Cessna in this category.

The newer Cessna 182T Skylane features a 92-gallon tank, nearly 20 more gallons than the original 182 and a 40-gallon increase over the Cessna 172. However, the tradeoff is this generally means the fuel consumption takes an increase, the 182 takes at 14 gallons per hour versus the 8 gallons per hour in the Cessna 172.


The 182 is truly the best in its class, the performance is what draws many to purchase. The Cessna 182 has a cruise speed of 145 kts which is a 20 kts increase over its predecessor, offering a more efficient ride. This new cruise speed, in combination with its increased fuel capacity, gives you an excellent range of 930 nm. For reference, 930 nm is about a third of the United States. The service ceiling of the 182 is 18,100 ft (5,500 m), and with new modifications, many equip the aircraft with oxygen systems for such a trip.

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