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Solo Milestone — Denver Scott

“I always thought the concept of aviation was extremely fascinating, ” Denver Jeff, EAA 1108047, said.

Attending AirVenture and taking a Young Eagles flight is what got Denver’s interest going. From there, he became a member of his local EAA chapter and started exploring piloting through flight simulators.

“I have logged over 300 hours in various simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 11, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, ” Denver said. “When I started to excel in the simulators, I began to wonder if the skills would translate to a real plane, so we scheduled my first flight lesson. ”

solo milestone denver scott Airplane GEEK Solo Milestone — Denver Scott

When the time came to start lessons, Denver said the flight simulators helped the lot in the learning process and before he knew it, it was time to solo – and during the week of his 16th birthday, nonetheless!

On the day of his solo airline flight, Sunday, April 18, this individual took off from Wittman Regional Airport in the Winnebago Flying Club’s Cessna 172, N7770G.

“The weather was beautiful, there were about five knots of wind but it has been right down the runway (9 at KOSH) so there was no crosswind, ” Denver said. “The taxi out to the particular runway was intimidating, however, once I completed typically the engine run-up, I had been ready to go. After I became popular and seemed to be in the air, We felt a lot of the nervousness disappear because I was focused on the flight itself plus just treated it as I would have with my CFI John Dorcey in the plane. During the landings, I felt a small amount associated with nervousness but all three landings went well. Upon taxiing back, I was initially surprised by my friends in addition to family waiting by the hangar to congratulate me. ”

solo milestone denver scott 1 Airplane GEEK Solo Milestone — Denver Scott

After a successful first solo flight, Denver said he plans to celebrate by logging more hours in the sky until he can take his checkride, which he or she plans on taking a year from now on his 17th birthday.  

“Once I earn my certificate, I possess plans to continue lessons and even hopefully gain around 200 hours by the time I graduate high school, ” Denver colorado said. “I am interested in some sort regarding aviation career but am not quite sure of this specifics yet. I am considering aviation schools such as the Air Force Academy and Embry Riddle to help pursue a career in aviation. ”

The sky’s the limit!

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