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Most Comprehensive Aviation Insurance Options For Pilots (2021)

most comprehensive aviation insurance options for pilots 2021 Airplane GEEK Most Comprehensive Aviation Insurance Options For Pilots (2021)

What does Aircraft Insurance Cover?

A good aircraft insurance company will make sure your aircraft insures the entire spectrum. This includes hull damage, passengers, and in some cases parts and maintenance. Generally speaking, aviation insurers do not cover environmental, passenger, injuries, or any third-party damage you do to your aircraft. This does come with its downsides. However, it is important you become properly affiliated with all the different tracking opportunities for my devices. Check out a few of our partners below to ensure you can get the most amount of coverage for your aircraft.

What is Aircraft Hull Insurance?

Aircraft hull Insurance covers the external body of the aircraft. This type of insurance is usually separated into two parts, In-motion hull insurance, and non-motion hull insurance.

How Much Does Aircraft Insurance Cost?

Coverage for aircraft insurance varies based on many factors. Primarily the aircraft of choice, your experience overall / experience flying the aircraft type, and location. Small aircraft insurance is fairly affordable at around $1000 – $2000 dollars per year.

Do you need aircraft renter’s insurance?

We always advise that you obtain aircraft renter’s insurance. However, there are no federal or state laws requiring aircraft insurance. The catch is, that most, if not all FBO’s require aircraft insurance if you are operating at their facility.

If you are flying for over 100 hours per year, going on long cross-country flights, or are taking the aircraft for multiple days at a time, it’s always wise to seek insurance on any aircraft you fly. This way you can be protected if anything were to happen in the sky or on the ground. We never think that we need insurance until it’s too late.

With the expensive cost of aircraft repairs, it’s much better to be safer than sorry in rental situations. Keep in mind that the aircraft you rent is used by many other individuals. The previous usage can result in future damage, and being prepared with aircraft insurance keeps you covered over these types of follies

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