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How to Make Money With Your Aircraft – Lease Back, Fractional Shares, More!

how to make money with your aircraft lease back fractional shares more Airplane GEEK How to Make Money With Your Aircraft – Lease Back, Fractional Shares, More!

Tourism from the skies is on the rise, especially in the warmer seasons. If you live in a tourist location, becoming a sightseeing / Tourism pilot should be on your list.

Depending on your location you can rake in a lot of money for short 15–30-minute flights around a hot spot area. Locations that do really well with this option are California, New York, Arizona, Florida, and other tourist locations that offer amazing views.

Depending on demand, pilots can often earn upwards of $150 for a short flight around a populated area. Of course, just like some other options on this list, a massive downside is that you will be shorting yourself of the experience gained from long cross-country planning.

Sights, while beautiful may start to seem repetitive and can often become mundane when flying in the same area. You may become more complacent which is never a good thing.

However, seeing the joys on your passengers’ faces will never get old. This is something you may have to consider in the long term.

This is a really easy option to implement as it’s as simple as getting your business out there. Advertise to the general public that you are offering these services through general means of social media, websites, and advertising. As time goes on you can build upon your business and set your own prices, offering beautiful sights to tourists around your local area.

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