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Royal Air Force Protection Centre takes delivery of Parrot Anafi USA

As part of Force Protection Experimentation (FPX), the RAF Force Protection (FP) Centre has recently taken delivery of the Parrot Anafi USA, a Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS). As one of the first units within Defence to take delivery of this latest system. It offers one potential solution to RAF FP expeditionary Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) requirements. Lightweight and compact, the Parrot Anafi is capable of being launched by patrols in under one minute and offers increased situational awareness to FP personnel.

Also able to operate in adverse weather conditions, the Forward-Looking Infra-Red Boson camera provides greater fidelity of imagery and detail to commanders.

Originally designed for the US Military, the Anafi USA offers the FP Force advanced durability and imaging capabilities in one small, easily deployable package. The platform features an industry first 32x zoom, 4K HDR video and thermal imaging capabilities designed around two 21-megapixel cameras.


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