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“Priming” Enables “Performance!”

During any emergency, luck certainly plays a role in every outcome, but pilot action is often the critical component. Being alert and vigilant – having prebriefed the possible failure modes – enables successful performance in an emergency by preventing panic. Psychologists call this “priming,” a mental rehearsal and posture of expectation, so that “startle” does not incapacitate us.  Considering all the possible outcomes *before* beginning the flight helps ensure a correct and rapid response. And on every dual flight, we have two critical responsibilities. We are both the educator, but also to varying degrees, in charge of safety and survival. We need to be ready to handle the surprises illustrated below; game on!

Here are two very similar accidents that highlight how essential CFI vigilance and proper action can be when an emergency occurs. Some details are unknown and I am not judging here. Please take a look and click on each to dig into the NTSB details. When things go bad, we will be put to the test. Being ready – primed and vigilant – usually determines the critical difference in the outcome.

priming enables performance Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”priming enables performance 1 Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”priming enables performance 2 Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”priming enables performance 3 Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”

“Priming” is the reason we do pre-takeoff briefings, it is the stoic attitude that assumes “things *will* go wrong. A pre-planned, fluid response should be briefed and ready to go (Code Yellow). Surprise and panic will cause startle and inappropriate action since our genetically programmed response seems to be to “pull away from the ground.” When power fails we need to be spring-loaded to “unload” (the “big push”) and keep the wings flying. Whatever we have available to us after that is better than spinning in out of control.
priming enables performance 4 Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”The fatal accident here was dual and it is entirely possible that the fairly experienced female CFI was overpowered by a panicking client (the size disparity is not clear from the documentation). Briefing emergencies (and priming) with the learner helps prevent panic in an emergency (as does a trusting relationship). But if survival becomes a “fight on the controls,” in an emergency, the CFI has to do whatever is necessary to regain control. A trick available to CFIs in most trainers is to use your foot (and the greater power of your leg) on the crossbar under the panel to force the yoke forward. I have twice overpowered a panicking student over-rotating the pitch (in a Cessna) by easing down the nose forcibly with my foot. When “discussion” fails, positive action is required. It is wise to practice this “CFI trick” and be ready.

"On take-off in a C-152, a student on a 'Discovery Flight' with 'long ago experience' kept pulling and over-rotated the nose (going incoherent and babbling as he pulled). The plane was beginning to mush at a couple hundred feet with the stall horn activating. I thought 'this is how we die.'  After verbally commanding a release and attempting to force down the nose with both arms, I put my foot on the control bar below the panel and eased down the pitch attitude while talking calmly to him. Once the horizon came back into view he became more reasonable and we continued the flight (practicing the 'exchange of controls' a few times...)"

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priming enables performance 5 Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”

priming enables performance 6 Airplane GEEK “Priming” Enables “Performance!”


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