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Stratus Insight Vs. ForeFlight – Best EFB Options of 2021

stratus insight vs foreflight best efb options of 2021 Airplane GEEK Stratus Insight Vs. ForeFlight – Best EFB Options of 2021

Both of these feature in-depth charts and diagrams for all your aviation needs. Whether you are a beginner pilot or a more advanced airline pilot. It seems like Appareo and Boeing have thought of it all.

Stratus Insight – Chart Options

Stratus Insight boasts TAWS, VFR sectional maps, IFR low/high charts, and geo-referenced approach plates. This is a fairly nice suite of utilities all offered in the base package.

ForeFlight – Chart Options

Foreflight includes FAA VFR Sectionals, TACs, VFR Flyway Charts, IFR High/Low Enroutes, IFR Terminal Procedures, IFR planning, US Helicopter Route charts, VFR/IFR Gulf of Mexico, and more. This is just in the base package for $99.99/year!

Now I think the steal here is that ForeFlight offers Jeppesen Charts which may be appealing to aviators of all types. Jeppesen charts are known for being easier to digest with a better flow in the cockpit. This may be more appealing to more experienced pilots and is a great option/addon to the software.

Comparing Chart Options

Looking at the two it’s clear that ForeFlight beats out Stratus insight with a few of the options that users may need. However, these seem to be localized to specialty cases such as US Helicopter Route charts. For users who only need a base package of VFR and IFR charts, the differences may seem mundane. Some may like the option of having more and if so, ForeFlight may be your best bet.

We do believe the option of TACs, US Helicopter Routes, and Jeppesen charts give ForeFlight an advantage in this category. Not to mention the virtual aircraft taxiway charts that make it easier to navigate on the ground. These are some features to consider when looking at the two options.

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