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Cape Town – PegasUAS Composite/Mechanical Technician

cape town pegasuas composite mechanical technician Airplane GEEK Cape Town – PegasUAS Composite/Mechanical Technician

PegasUAS is looking for someone to take up a permanent position in our aerospace business based in Cape Town.

The ideal candidate would be a person who has core skills in composite work to a very high standard or who believes that with some training they would be able to uphold a very high standard of workmanship.

An additional requirement would be wiring and installation related tasks so the understanding of -+pulse wiring systems would be required.

The environment is fun, the stress is low but attention to detail and work ethic is absolutely critical.

Our main focus is the manufacturing of fixed-wing UAV’s of 4500mm and 6800mm wingspan, we do also manufacture some components for manned aviation as well.

We believe an RC hobbyist who has at least 5 years or more of building experience with fixed-wing aircraft would be the best fit.If you may be interested or know of someone suitable please email [email protected]


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