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He Just Gave Me a Glider

By Colten Coughlin, EAA 1265230

In 2019, I volunteered as ground crew at a glider contest for fun. I was 15 and a glider student who always dreamed of flying and only recently was able to get into it. At the contest We met a lot of really great people plus specifically, Mitch Hudson, EAA 1233521. He asked if I wanted to go with him and the bunch of other pilots to dinner. Well I actually didn’t have anything to eat, so I said sure! That was the first time I met him.

he just gave me a glider Airplane GEEK He Just Gave Me a Glider

A month or two later, I soloed. I got a call from some random number and didn’t answer. A text from the same number said ‘Hi Colten. It’s Mitch Hudson. My partner and i met you at the glider contest. Good work on the solo tonight. Please give me a new call when you are done debriefing. ’ When I got home My spouse and i remember my parents acting really weird. I had been confused. But I gave that quantity a call. Mitch in addition to his wife picked up and told me he has a Schweizer 1-26 (sailplane) that he’d like to give to me!

I has been so excited, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I just was constantly wanting to know more about it. I lived in Wichita, Kansas, and the particular glider was in Moriarty, New Mexico, it hadn’t flown since I’d been alive, but it was still nearly in flying condition. Two months later, we were able to go down to Moriarty to get the glider annualed (Mitch paid for that as well), and take it home! After getting it home, we took it to the gliderport and I did three flights that day. Not a good soaring day, but I just had to fly it! I had been still a student pilot, I was 15 and even I owned a glider! I was ecstatic! Now, I have flown that 1-26 a lot!

he just gave me a glider 1 Airplane GEEK He Just Gave Me a Glider

Mitch helped push me along in aviation. I just got my powered certificate some sort of bit ago, and am working towards my commercial. I plan to fly crop dusters, and hopefully own an operation within the future. I plan to continue soaring, and eventually, pass the 1-26 on to a teen to help push him or her along into aviation. It can be hard with regard to youth to get into aviation together with every bit of assist goes a long ways. Another great mentor, Phil Olson, EAA 103818, let me personally use his Cessna 150 for flight training, free of charge. Without either of these great men, there’s no way When i would be where That i am today.

The 1-26 that Mitch gave me, S/N 358, was owned by typically the Air Force Academy, and additionally they painted it upward like the Thunderbirds! Cool paint scheme with some history!

he just gave me a glider 2 Airplane GEEK He Just Gave Me a Glider

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