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New Sony Airpeak footage and partnership opportunity

new sony airpeak footage and partnership opportunity Airplane GEEK New Sony Airpeak footage and partnership opportunity

This is very interesting, not only a very tidy demo reel that has the Sony Airpeak flying through what look like tight spaces but a call to action for professional drone operators to try the new machine. Sony is not playing. The Gremsy gimble is obvious as well.

We have continued with field testing Airpeak in different environments, and in this issue would like to share video footage from field testing in Okinawa’s Iriomote Island. Footage was recorded using the recently announced 35mm Alpha™ E-mount FE14mm F1.8GM lens, and taking advantage of the ultra wide-angle lens, we were able to capture the dynamic natural landscape of Iriomote Island.

To obtain feedback from professional drone users, Sony is seeking partners in the United States and Japan to collaborate on our Airpeak project.…

Information regarding this project will be regularly updated at the following site.…


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