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Cabin Crew Interview Tips for Fresher in 2021 [6 Tips]

Hello everyone, welcome to Aviation Dreamer. Today’s topic is gonna be the cabin crew interview tips. I know that there are a lot of boys and girls out there who are aspiring to become cabin crew. I guess there’s just something about this job that makes it appealing to everybody but lucky for us because a lot of airlines are hiring new people to join their in-flight team.

So if you’re one of those people who are aspiring to become a cabin crew, then this article can give you a detailed idea about cabin crew interview tips as a fresher.

This article is very helpful for fresher who want to become flight attendants. Because here I have provided each and every information to get prepared for flight attendant interview. If you want to attend the interview the read the below list of flight attendant interview tips.

cabin crew interview tips

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

  • [#Tips 1] Follow the Dress Code

Tip number one follows the dress code. When an airline announces that they’re gonna have an open day or recruitment day we usually include the dress codes in their job ads. Like any other job interview, they require their applicants to wear business attire.

So what should you wear? will say that for females you are required to wear a formal top, a jacket or a blazer, and a knee-length skirt. Accessories are allowed, you can wear plate stud earrings, necklace, or bracelet but nothing too flashy.

And for men, when you say business attire you will be expected to wear a suit a formal shirt, a necktie, and leather shoes. The most important thing when it comes to following the dress code is for you to look sharp, look neat and look decent when you face your cabin crew interviewer.

  • [#Tips 2] Well-Groomed

Now go to tip number two to be well-groomed. I’ve previously written a detailed article on cabin crew interview days grooming, so you can go ahead and click on that. But if you’re interested to learn, how I do all this makeup for men? it’s just very important for you to come they’re very neat with no unwanted hair on your face. Make sure that your face is not oily or shiny when you go for your interview. If you have long hair, then it will be very ideal to keep it in a bun, a ponytail, or a French twist. For every girl who has short hair medium to short hair if you can tie it in a ponytail that would be good. But if your hair is too short to be tied into a ponytail don’t force it just put a clip on the side. The important thing is to keep your hair away from your face for you to look neat remember it’s not nice if you’re gonna go for your interview with your hair and cap. It doesn’t really speak nicely when it comes to your hygiene and your grooming.

Next is nailing, friends I’ve been receiving questions about nails. If it’s okay to wear brightly colored nail polishes or whatever like orange or yellow personally. Do French manicure because it looks very professional and very neat that’s just my opinion. if you wanna wear red polish or a light new a light pink or nude nail polish that would be acceptable as well. Just my suggestion is to try to stay away from neon colors, bright colors are very flashy nail polish colors. Remember you want the interviewer’s attention on your face and the way you’re talking and not on your very brightly colored nails. But the more important is to make sure that they are well trimmed all to same length and no dirt under the nails. And same goes for men.

Freinds go into your cabin crew interview well-groomed is very important as it shows your interviewer that you took time and you prepare to look presentable to them. If you follow these last two cabin crew interview tips you’re on your way to making a very good first impression

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[#Tips 3] Observe Proper Posture, Facial Expression, and Tone of Voice

Friends tip number three observe proper posture, facial expression, and tone of voice. All these things fall under nonverbal signals or cues. 55% of communication is nonverbal, you can tell a lot about someone just by the way they talk, they said, they stand, they use their hands in a conversation. That is why it’s very important for you to master all these nonverbal cues before you go for your cabin crew interview.

Sometimes when you go for your interview you will be asked to stand in front of a panel. The important thing when you’re standing in front of a panel is to convey confidence. So how will you do that?

When you stand in front of your panel, you should ensure that your chin is level square your back pulls it back once you pull your shoulder back this instantly gives you a straighter back and it gives you a very composed, very comfortable stance.

As for the hands, you can keep it on the side or you can keep it like so holding one hand on top of the other and you can even move your hands while you start talking to your interviewer.

As for the legs, the position that I find most comfortable is the semi-L position. Where I put one leg at the back facing right or left and then the other leg in the forward. This one gives you a very stable base and it keeps you very well balanced even when you are wearing heels.

Now let’s talk about the big nose when you are standing in front of a panel. Those are slouching, crossing your arms, putting your hands on your waist, putting your hands behind you, putting your hands anywhere else that it’s not supposed to go. These are all bad cues these are all negative body language and for sure if you do this in front of your interview you’re never going to get the job.

Now let’s talk about sitting posture basically whenever we have discussed the standing posture applies here except that you will be seated. The important thing is for you to sit upright same concept square your shoulders for the hands you can keep on your legs. Also, put one hand on top of the other thumbs up thumbs down. Whatever is more comfortable for you is fine.

Feet could be facing forward or if you’re not comfortable doing this you can also turn on the side keep one leg on top of the other.

Now let’s talk about the don’ts when you are seated number one slow chain see it doesn’t really look nice when you’re slouching or slide on the seat like soul crossing your legs for girls. The worst part is swinging your leg. if you’re the interview where do you think you’re going to hire somebody who sits like this in front of you. If your answer is no, it means you’re not supposed to do it.

As a cabin crew we go through stress on a daily basis we encounter different scenarios different people will test your patience when you are on board the aircraft that is why it is very important for you to master the skill of controlling your facial expressions when you are in front of people.

Before you go for your cabin crew interview I would highly suggest that you sit in front of a mirror practicing your smile, talk to yourself you can even take videos of yourself and then watch it back later on. Because that way you’re gonna be aware of the negative facial expressions that you make whenever you’re talking to someone. You can even ask your family or friends to tell you what are the negative facial expressions you make when you talk to them.

However, a tip for facial expression is to always ensure that your facial expression is aligned to what you are saying or what is the message that you’re trying to convey of course if you’re trying to deliver sad news you’re not gonna say it with very happy things. Like it’s so happy for you somebody died like that.

Through your cabin crew interview try to maintain eye contact with your interviewer if it’s too uncomfortable for you you can start looking at the other parts of the person’s face like eyebrows the nose or the ears. From a fare distance, they wouldn’t even know that you’re not looking at their eyes.

Friends, I said when we were discussing posture it is important for you to keep your hands relaxed at all times that’s why it helps when you hold them in good manners. Most of us are not even aware of what our hands are doing half, the time we are speaking.

If you speak softly it might be misunderstood as being insecure or being shy and the opposite goes when you speak too loudly people might think that you’re overconfident aureate that you are too arrogant or full of yourself. See him goes when you talk too fast or too slow getting the perfect balance of all these things can be tricky but it will help you convey your information about yourself even better. The more clearly you convey your thoughts and ideas the better chance you get at landing your dream job.

So how do you perfect this, how do you express yourself better, how do you use your tone of voice properly this will all be mastered through practice.

[#Tips 4] Be Confident Trust Yourself

Tip number four be confident. Trust yourself your capabilities and your strengths. Nobody else can help you become more confident but yourself. As cliche, as it may sound confidence, is from within different people get their confidence from different things. some people become more confident when they’re dressed up nicely, when they have nice things or when they give themselves a pep talk or some become more confident when people praise them for their skills and not or how they look like. Suddenly I get my confidence when I know that I have prepared hard and I know that I have studied hard for something that brings to me.

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[#Tips 5] Research, Study, and Comes Prepared

Tip number five research, study, and comes prepared. The biggest mistake you could ever make is to think that this is just the cabin crew interview and that as long as I’m pretty I’m handsome I’m gonna get the job. If you’re thinking this way! you’re very much wrong.

There is more to this job than smiling, putting on makeup, and looking nice. Airlines take pride in their safety ratings and that goes without saying that cabin crew go through a lot of rigorous safety trainings before they get released to start flying.

Aside from the physical aspect, the interviewers also look for a person’s intellectual capacity. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not looking for scientists or geniuses. What I’m trying to say here is that as a camping crew you will be faced with different situations when you come on board and your critical thinking will be tested. I think basically they’re trying to look for people who are well-rounded coming in prepared for an interview means researching about the airline read about your achievements, business prospects, read about the country where the airline is based.

If it’s international this will show the recruiters that you’re interested in they’re an airline and it will help you as well into realizing. If that airline you’re applying for is a perfect fit for you and if you have already researched about the airline. When you come for the interview and they ask you anything about it it’s gonna be very easy for you because you are prepared you’ve read about it and you’re most likely gonna give them the answer that they’re looking for.

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Here you can check out our YouTube channel for more details video on cabin crew interview tips.

[#Tips 6] Be Honest

Final and the last tip be honest. Just in case you don’t know the answer to the question that they throw at you, no problem just don’t make up any stories. Be straightforward tell them that you’re not too familiar with that topic. But would like to know more about it in the future. Instead of that you can start sharing with them, things that you do know that it’s slightly related to that topic. If an interview where it starts asking a question that’s not related to you or is more related to the company or the airline it means that they already have an answer in mind that they want to hear from you.

So if you start making up stories or inventing answers it’s not really gonna make a good impression right. Just one story I’d like to share with you that’s just slightly related to this topic is that when I went for my interview with the local airline in India. I was fresh we had not really experienced anything when I wonder, I was asked can you tell us anything about our airline, and I was dumbfounded. Because I didn’t know anything about them because I came unprepared. I just printed my resume the night before.

So this was the answer I gave them, I would like to be very honest with you I don’t know much about your airline but what I do know is that when I stepped inside this building all I saw a smiling face and that speaks a lot about your company. I would really love to work with a company that makes their employees happy so it’s like it’s very cheesy. But that’s the only thing I could think about when that happened.

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Now back my tips on how you can ace your interviews. Like what I said at the beginning of this article I’m not an interviewer, I’m not a member of any HR, I don’t do interviews for any airline I’m just a cabin crew member and the tips that I shared with you, that I followed when I went from my interview as well.

The fact that you took time to go online to research how you can ace your interview means that you are already taking one step forward to achieving your dream. So I really hope that my tips will help you out once you go through your cabin crew interview as it did help me.

If you have any questions that were not addressed in this article about cabin crew interview tips. Please feel free to hit me up in the comment section or you can even send me a private message on my Facebook page. I’m gonna try to compile all your questions.

Also, I’m gonna write more articles to answer all your frequently asked questions so we can help out other girls and boys as well who are too shy to ask but would like to become a cabin crew in the future. All of you I wish you all the best on your cabin crew interview.


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