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HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO and DJI Mavic: the Drone-in-a-Box Charging System for COTS Drones

HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO and DJI Mavic 2The new HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO and DJI Mavic is a drone-in-the-box charging system that allows users to work with their choice of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) drone.  (See video intro below.)  HEISHA’s DNEST provides weather protection, charging, and more to make commercial solutions into automated drone in the box solutions.

The lates version of the DNEST features a smart drone charging control board, enabling the drone charging system to work with drone of 3S and 4S batteries.  The newest HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO is built on the Autel EVO II series: and is compatible with the 6K, 8K, and RTK models.  Users can switch between the DJI Mavic nad the Autel EVO: HEISHA says that almost all of the commercial multi-rotor drones made by the two brands are compatible with the charging system.

The newest HEISHA DNEST version is an industry breakthrough, says a HEISHA press release, allowing different brands of drone to share the same charging platform and enabling a wide variety of new applications.  The new DNEST is the perfect tool for drone service providers, whose fleet may include commercial drones from both manufacturers.  For drone operators using different drones for a variety of applications on a job site, the DNEST provides a universal solution.

The collaboration between Autel and HEISHA has a precision landing success rate of more than 99%, says HEISHA.  The new HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO and DJI Mavic brings new levels of autonomy and value for powerful, easily available, and less expensive COTS drones.

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heisha dnest for autel evo and dji mavic the drone in a box charging system for cots drones 2 Airplane GEEK HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO and DJI Mavic: the Drone-in-a-Box Charging System for COTS Drones

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