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What to do when you miss your Southwest Flight: All you need to know

If you miss a flight that is not because of another Southwest delay you are SOL. Your problem, not theirs. You receive zero priority for later flights and subject to seat availability and fare difference just as any other passenger wishing to make a flight change.

If you are A-List, there are standby options but those are not available to non-status passengers.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

No Show Policy: If you are not planning to travel on any portion of this itinerary, please cancel your reservation at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. Customers who fail to cancel reservations for a Wanna Get Away fare segment at least ten (10) minutes prior to travel and who do not board the flight will be considered a no show, and all remaining unused Wanna Get Away funds will be forfeited.

All remaining unused Business Select, Anytime, and Senior funds will be converted to reusable travel funds for the originally ticketed Passenger only. If you no show your reward travel reservation, the points will be redeposited to the purchaser’s Rapid Rewards account. Any taxes and fees associated with your reward travel reservation will be held for future use in the form of reusable travel funds under the name of the traveler(s).

Southwest, like most carriers, unofficially acknowledges the “flat tire rule.” If you arrive at the airport within 2 hours following your scheduled departure, they will attempt to accommodate you via standby on the next flight to your destination with an available room for no additional charge.

Be aware that this unpublished policy exists as a special accommodation for those who missed their flight through no fault of their own. If you call and try to move to a specific later flight, for example, you’d be asked to pay the fare difference.

Technically, you must cancel your flight at least 10 minutes prior to departure to avoid forfeiting your funds, so there is a bit of risk involved here — although I’ve never known anyone with a legitimate cause for a missed flight being denied accommodation, as long as they arrived at the airport within 2 hours of the original scheduled departure.

The other risk is that load factors are very high these days, so availability on later flights might be limited — meaning you might spend a great deal of time at the airport trying to get to your destination.

If you already missed it, calling is useless — they will tell you that you lost/forfeit your $.

Only if you make it to the airport agent within 2hrs of departure, an option unavailable and undisclosed on the phone suddenly appears. They can preserve the value of your ticket by allowing you to standby for the next flight. (If you don’t clear standby, you will stay on standby for the next flights and even next days until you do).

If you missed a flight with SWA then follow the guidelines given below to avoid any kind of inconvenience:

  • Straight away inform SWA Airlines: You have to inform the airline immediately that you have missed a flight, this will help you to make your new flight booking with an unused portion of your flight ticket.
  • Call the Southwest Airlines Phone Number: Call them 10 before 10 minutes before your actual departure time and, explain your situation or reason behind missed flight.
  • Make a new Southwest flight reservation after missing your flight: If you have missed a flight and informed the airlines about it then the airlines will surely help you get a new flight to your destination. If there is no flight on that day then the airlines will also help you get a room for a comfortable stay.
  • If you inform the airlines about missing your flight before time then you will not be asked to pay the no-show charges. If you forget to inform the airlines about it then you will be charged a no-show fee.
  • If you don’t pay the no show fee then your future booking with Southwest Airlines will be canceled by the airlines.
  • If you inform the airlines about missing your flight then they will help you in changing your flight without any charges. Southwest Airlines is the only airline in the United States that doesn’t charge any change fee.

So, if you are about to miss a flight with Southwest Airlines then remember to inform the airlines before time. This will help you in changing your flight without any difficulty. The airlines will go easy on you and will help you in the best way possible. For more details about Southwest missed flight policy you can call the customer service of Southwest Airlines or you can also visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.

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