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Boom Supersonic Introduce “World First Supersonic Commercial Jet”

Do you know Boom supersonic introduce a new supersonic commercial jet for the airlines. If you want to to know the details about the aircraft and the news on United airline biding on Boom supersonic plane, then you must read this article till the end.

It was 2003, when the concord last flew passengers over the Atlantic at twice the speed of sound new york to London in three hours. But the concord was too loud and too expensive. A fatal crash in 2000 helped put an end to the program.

Now nearly 18 years later the next generation of supersonic is almost here. Denver based Boom Aerospace is now ground testing a small prototype the Boom xb1 with a bigger passenger version coming soon.

boom supersonic
Boom Supersonic

On 03 June 2021 united airlines are placing a very big bet on Boom Supersonic passenger jet ordering 15 jets and possibly as many as 50 flyings by 2029. So if i’m a united passenger I may be flying Boom supersonic plane by
the end of the decade.

Boom aerospace team tell “we want to do supersonic as quickly as possible we think the world needs this 150 starts the flare former fighter pilot”. Bill Shoemaker is boom’s chief test pilot preparing for the first flight late this year or early next when you fly supersonic fighters.

When you go from flying subsonic to supersonic often you don’t even notice that you’ve made that transition.

  1. If you’re in the passenger seat do you feel the Boom Supersonic?

    Boom aerospace chief pilot tell “You don’t, that’s one thing that’s a little surprising is that you really feel nothing when you accelerate from subsonic to supersonic”.

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The new plane should be able to carry up to 88 passengers flying at 60 thousand feet. New York to London in three and a half hours, San Francisco to Tokyo in six hours, Los Angeles to Sydney in eight and a half.

United Airlines vice president thinks “it’s just what customers want the experience in the cabin is going to be a first-class experience and you know at 60 000 feet with big windows it’s going to be an amazing experience one of a kind”.

“You will see the curvature of the earth. But even more exciting to me is if we take off to London just after sunset you’ll be able to watch the sunrise in the west as you get back to New York City”.

Boom Supersonic team tell ” finally have the technology to do the supersonic flight in a really mainstream affordable way that’s going to change the way tens of millions of people can get around the planet. This morning United Airlines have joined the bet.

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The world it thinks is ready for supersonic, But as a passenger, we are really excited to fly with a supersonic passenger jet. But the question I guess is how much will a ticket cost on that flight?

So you may remember that back when concord was flying it cost about 12 000 USD in 2003 to fly over to London and now they’re talking about maybe cutting that in half. So probably in the neighborhood of 5000 to 7000 USD about the cost of a current first-class ticket.

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