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What happened to all the Blue sUAS?

what happened to all the blue suas Airplane GEEK What happened to all the Blue sUAS?

Over the weekend my mind turned to the five Defense Department approved Blue sUAS, selected in August 2020 to be the choosen ones!

At the moment of the five it looks like a two-horse race, last week Skydio released their automated inspection package. Software that leverages the multiple sensors and SLAM ability of their platforms. Not yet on the Blue sUAS X2D, but coming.

Also last week French company Parrot announced a new product is coming soon, event on the 30th of this month. Not a Blue sUAS product but proof of work and moving forward.

My point is both are doing things and making noise.

Skydio has a new way of surveying that is innovative and Parrot have sold more than 4 million drones of various sizes so they know how to make stuff.

From the Teledyne FLIR M440 Ion, Teal Drones Golden Eagle and Vantage Robotics Vesper, virtual tumbleweed.

There is a new bill currently making its way through Congress due in 2023, that seeks to place a five-year ban on the United States government purchasing drones manufactured or assembled in China. This leaves a gap for Chinese companies to set up a production line in the USA and be completely transparent but, they don’t seem to be rushing to do that.

The first wave of Blue sUAS companies have quite an advantage over the next group being sought right now.

Best for some not to squander their lead.


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