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DroneBase Accelerates Enterprise Growth in Renewable Energy with Acquisition of Precision XYZ

dronebase accelerates enterprise growth in renewable energy with acquisition of precision Airplane GEEK DroneBase Accelerates Enterprise Growth in Renewable Energy with Acquisition of Precision XYZ

What the Year has Wrought

Looking back to June of ‘20, all of us were confronted with both personal and professional demands that were historically unique; a global pandemic and a very unclear economic environment. We at DroneBase were no different in this regard; we were forced to adapt and overcome as we navigated the hazardous waters of a world in turmoil. I’m happy to say we managed to not just survive but to thrive. 

Almost a year ago to the day, we announced our Series C round and the opening of our presence in Europe. We signaled our intention to continue our aggressive pursuit of the renewable energy market, both in the wind and solar industries, despite the pandemic. Today, I’m pleased to announce additional financing including our first renewable energy-focused investor, Energy Transition Ventures, along with the acquisition of Precision XYZ, a drone data services firm focused exclusively on the solar sector. 

A Deep Bench and a Great Fit

Mark Culpepper leads the Precision XYZ team and brings to DroneBase an intimate knowledge of the solar industry and a strong team of professionals. With excellent analytical and software tools and an aggressive competitive spirit, we are delighted to have them join the DroneBase family.

Similarly, we are equally delighted to welcome legacy Precision XYZ clients to the DroneBase experience. Please explore our website and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

DroneBase was started with a vision to leverage robotics and sensors to help transform the world into a better, safer, and cleaner space. With the addition of Precision XYZ, we have come a step closer to realizing that vision.

Dan Burton


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