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How to make Emirates Ticket Cancellation, Policy, Fee & Procedures

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Emirates Airlines Phone Number and Emails

Emirates Customer Service

  • Phone: +971 600 555 555 (UAE)
  • Phone: +1 800 777 3999 (US)
  • Phone: 0344 800 2777 (UK)
  • Email: (UAE)
  • Email: (US)
  • Email: (UK)

Emirates Airlines International Contacts

Australia: +61 1300 303 777
Argentina: +54 11 5355 1166
Bahrain: +973 1 654 8989
Brazil: + 55-11-47001516
China: 400 882 2380
Czech Rep: +420 239 016 320
Denmark: +45 38487000
Egypt: +20 2 3332 0555
France: +33 1 57 32 49 99
Germany: +49 699 451 92000
Hong Kong: +852 30713019
India: 022 33773377
Indonesia: +62 21 2934 5555
Ireland: +353 1 517 1600
Japan: +81 3 6743 4567
Korea: +82 2 2022 8400
Kuwait: +965 2 205 5155
Malaysia: +60 36 207 4999
Mexico: 01 55 4738 0444
Netherlands: +31 20 203 5163
New Zealand: 050 836 4728
Norway: +47 2231 0888
Pakistan: +92 21 352 03 377
Philippines: +63 2 792 6045
Portugal: +351 21 366 5533
Qatar: +974 4438 4477
Russia: 8 800 555 1919
Saudi Arabia: 800-850-0022
Singapore: +65 6 622 1770
South Africa: 0860 123 155
Spain: +34 912 757 792
Sri Lanka: +94 11 470 4070
Sweden: +46 8 5025 2111
Switzerland: 0844 111 555
Thailand: +66 2 787 3387
Turkey: +90 212 315 4545
Zimbabwe: +263 86 7704 4444

What is Emirates Flight cancellation policy?

According to Emirates Flight cancellation policy, the cancellation request would be applied per passenger rather than per booking. In addition, Emirates Flight cancellation would be applied in accordance with the mode of booking. For instance, if the ticket has been purchased at the counter, then Emirates Flight cancellation would be initiated at the departure airport only.

Get Details Emirates Airlines Cancellation Policy

Do you want to know the cancellation policy of Emirates? Use the rules that are stated here in the following steps.

  • Emirates 24-Hours Cancellation Policy. As per Emirates Airlines’ official rules, you need to cancel your Reservations within 24 hours of making the reservation. This measure ensures your flight for free and gets a full refund without paying any cancellation fee.
  • Emirates Flight Cancellation Fee. If you cancel outside the 24 hours rule, then you have to pay the flight cancellation fee. This fee varies according to the Emirates Airlines official rules and the departure location.
  • However, it is USD 200 as mentioned by the Emirates airlines to its passengers.
  • Cancellation Emirates Flight Ticket due to COVID. If your Emirates Flight is canceled due to COVID 19, then you will get a complete refund or a free rebooking option for your reservation.
  • You will get the cancellation refund through the Emirates official process.
  • Cancellation of Emirates Flight Award Ticket. If your Emirates Flight was booked due to the Award ticket. You will gain a refund from the flight cancellation by way of getting the refund of your award points.

Here’s the complete overview from the Emirates cancellation policy –

  • At times certain circumstances might arise that require immediate action, this might also involve the Flight Cancellation of a previously booked flight ticket. Airline ticket cancellation can sometimes be tricky, hence it is important for travelers to go through the various rules and policies.
  • A few of the flights of Emirates Airlines have non-refundable tickets, which would clearly be mentioned during the payment of the ticket. Such tickets would be refunded only under special circumstances, as mentioned under the clause of the Australian Consumer Law or the Conditions of Carriage.
  • Most of the tickets would be refunded, You can request a cancellation on the official booking site of Emirates Airlines. The refund would be initiated at the earliest possible date and the transaction would be completed within 8 to 9 days. A certain amount would be deducted from the refund money as the cancellation penalty.
  • The Emirates cancellation fee is often very minimal and reasonable.
  • Emirates Airlines’ 24 hours cancellation policy, allows customers to cancel the flight tickets within 24 hours of having booked them, without any penalties or deductions from the original amount. The final amount would be transferred into the bank account within 7 days of the cancellation.
  • The fare conditions of a particular ticket determine its price range. One should always look out for the conditions regarding the cancellation and the refund policies, prior to the confirmation of the booking. The tickets that are refundable and charge very little for the cancellation tend to be a bit more expensive, but opting for such bookings could prove to be beneficial in emergency situations.
  • Emirates Flight ticket cancellation could also be carried out online with great convenience and ease. Bookings that have been made directly through the Emirates Airlines official website could be canceled through the link provided. In case the booking was done via a third party, such as travel agents, the cancellation needs to be initiated by them.
  • The emirates cancellation charges are applied per ticket rather than per booking, this would imply that tickets booked for a group of people would not a single penalty, but would instead have multiple penalties as per the number of tickets that have been booked.

Emirates Ticket 24 Hours Cancellation

You can cancel the Emirates flight within 24 hours and claim a full refund on your booking value, provided that the cancellation request must be made beyond seven days of travel departure from the original date of booking. Here the important points to consider from Emirates Airlines 24 hours Cancellation Policy –

  • Emirates flight cancellation within 24 hours would be applicable on all fare types, and the class of service booked.
  • Emirates cancel within 24 hours rule is only applicable on flights to and from operating from the United States and Canada.
  • All the reward tickets are not entitled under the Emirates Flight cancellation policy 24 hours rule.
  • Group travel is not covered under the Emirates cancel booking 24 hours rule and is subject to the group fare rule only.
  • Emirates cancel ticket refund under the 24-hour rule would be processed back to the original form of payment and the refund of the fare value would be reflected into the passenger’s account in 7-10 business days.

Emirates Ticket Cancellation Fee

As per Emirates cancellation policy, depending on the fare types and the travel route, a 200 USD cancellation fee for emirates flights would be assessed in order to request the Emirates flight cancellation. Here’s everything you need to know about the air ticket cancellation penalty for Emirates

For Refundable Emirates Tickets

In case of refundable tickets, the passenger can apply for the full amount refund. Also, Emirate’s flight ticket cancellation charges apply to each booking. So, if a group is traveling together and there is a cancellation each member of the group has to pay the Emirates ticket cancellation penalty. If you book an Emirates flight online, you can cancel it online as well and it is very convenient and easy but you still have the option of canceling it over the phone by calling the airline’s customer care. The refund is processed automatically if you cancel a flight online.

For Non-Refundable Emirates Tickets

In case your ticket is nonrefundable the entire cost will be converted into points that can be redeemed at the time of booking the next flight within a period of one year.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges—Saver Fare (Business, Economy)

According to Emirates cancellation policy, Saver fares (costlier than Special fares) can be cancelled for a fee. The Emirates cancellation fee for international flights departing from the United States is:

USD 300 for Economy Saver fares.
USD 400 for Business Saver fares.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges—Economy Flex, Business Flex, First Class Flex Fares

According to Emirates cancellation policy, Flex fares (costlier) can also be changed or cancelled for a fee. The Emirates cancellation fee for an international flight that departs from the United States is:

  • For Economy Flex fares—USD 200.
  • For Business Flex fares:
  • USD 400 if you cancel before departure.
  • USD 1,000 if you cancel after departure.
  • For First Flex fares—USD 400.
  • Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges—Economy Flex Plus, Business Flex Plus, First Flex Plus Fares
  • Flex Plus fares, available across all travel classes, are costlier but most flexible. According to Emirates cancellation policy, Flex Plus fares can be cancelled and refunded free of charge across all classes.

Emirates Holidays Cancellation Policy

Under Emirates holidays cancellations policy, it may not be possible to cancel:

Travel during certain periods
Certain types of rooms
Special fares
Cancelling such packages can incur a cancellation fee of up to 100%. You must always ask for the complete details when booking your holiday package.

Emirates Holiday Cancellation Charges

Under Emirates holidays cancellation policy, the cancellation charges (unless otherwise indicated) are as follows:

Time Period Before Departure Cancellation charge

Within 24 hours of booking Nil
At least 30 days before booking USD 200 per person
15 – 29 days 50% of the holiday cost
0 – 14 days 100% of the holiday cost
Emirates holiday cancellation policy further states that separate cancellation charges may apply for:

Cruise holidays.
Train journeys.
Peak holiday periods such as public holidays, special events, exhibitions, and festival holidays such as Eid, Christmas, and New Year.

Guidelines of Emirates Airlines flight Cancellation Policy

The passenger willing to cancel their flight with Emirates need to follow the guidelines of the cancellation policy that include the following:

  • This policy is applicable to the flights booked online or via the reservation department. The traveler can submit the cancellation request within one day of purchase. Tickets cancellation outside the 24-hour slab is charged with a cancellation fee.
  • And as per the recent update, the traveler is provided with a waiver and options to manage the booking. All Emirates reservations are not eligible for a refund. So, the traveler can confirm the refund eligibility.
  • Thus, these are the guidelines of Emirates Cancellation policy that one needs to abide by before cancelling their bookings with Emirates. Besides, if the traveler has more queries or has doubts regarding the procedure, they can reach out to the airline reservation department for assistance.

Cancel Emirates Flights Online

Cancellation of Emirates flight tickets online can be requested via the ‘Manage your Booking’ tab on the airline portal, using the name and the flight reference number to retrieve your booking. Here’s what you need to know about Emirate Airlines flight cancellation procedure online –

  • Once the reservation is retrieved, click on the flight segment that needs to be cancelled. Click on the ‘Cancel my flight’ tab.
  • You would be redirected to the next page where you review the Emirates cancellation fee along with other additional charges associated with it.
  • Click the checkbox to agree with Emirate’s cancellation policy, in order to proceed with the cancellation.
  • If you agree with the Emirates Airlines cancellation refund, click on the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed with the cancellation.
  • Once the Emirates flight cancellation is processed, passengers will get the refund back in the original form of payment in 7-10 business days.
  • Passengers will also get the Emirates cancellation confirmation email on their registered email address.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Contact Number

You can cancel an Emirates flight ticket over the phone by dialing the Emirates cancellation number at +1-833-584-0869. You can ask one of the agents to cancel Emirates booking in adherence to the Emirates ticket cancellation policy. All you need to do is –

Provide the six-digit booking reference to the agent, and ask the agent to cancel the reservation.
Ask the agent to cancel the reservation. Do check the Emirates cancellation and refund policy associated with the booking.
Check Emirates cancel flight refund policy, once you agree, ask the agent to cancel the booking.
Once the Emirates flight cancellation is processed, passengers will get the refund back in the original form of payment in 7-10 business days.
Passengers will also get the Emirates cancellation confirmation email on their registered email address.

Emirates Flight Cancellation at the Airport

You can cancel the flight from the departure airport at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure for the flight within the Middle East, and three hours prior to the international reservation. All you need to do –

Head to the Emirates flight cancellation counter at the airport.
Ask one of the agents to cancel the flight at the airport. Check if your flight booking is refundable or not, and ask for the cancellation and refund option. In case of refundable fare, you will get the refund which would be processed in the original form of payment.

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