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Chapters Get Creative With New Locations

EAA chapters have been finding new and creative spaces to host meetings and build aircraft.

Chapter 443 of Carroll, Ohio, has leased a house from the local county commissioners. This 3-bedroom house with a converted garage has plenty of space to build and restore different airplanes as well as host meetings.

This new building is an exciting development for Chapter 443, as previously they shared hangar space with another group at Fairfield County Airport. Still located on airport grounds, this new space is all their own.

“It’s a big deal because it’s our own place now, ” Chapter 443 President Michael Baldwin said. “We never really had a home at the …airport before. ”

Currently, Chapter 443 is doing an RC build project along with three 14-year-old local high school students. Meetings are held every third Monday of each month at 7 p. m. in their new location. More information on Chapter 443 ›

chapters get creative with new locations Airplane GEEK Chapters Get Creative With New Locations

Chapter 80 of Omaha, Nebraska, has worked out a deal with the Oak View Mall to lease an open store. This more than 4, 000-square-foot facility, located only 17 miles from Chapter 80’s home base of Millard Airport, will be used to build different aircraft projects and attract new members.

After getting the partially constructed Zenith 750 donated to their chapter, a new new location was needed.

“We could get a hangar through the Omaha Airport Authority but it only has one outlet and one lightbulb and no heat, ” Chapter 80 President Bruce Mundie said. “We contacted the mall … plus offered that we would develop airplanes in the storefront. It’s a win for both the mall and our chapter. ”

chapters get creative with new locations 1 Airplane GEEK Chapters Get Creative With New Locations

The new creating laboratory is centered upon youth outreach and will go by the name of “Aircraft Building Lab and Aviation Center for Education” (ABLE ACE). Set to open on August 6, EAA Chapter 80 is excited.

“We get very close contact with the general public, ” Bruce explained, “not just airport people, to come by and take some sort of look and potentially gain interest in what we’re doing. ”

More information about Chapter 80 ›

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