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French Bee’s Airbus A350s Are Bound For New York

French bee is set to launch direct flights from Paris to New York later this month. The low-cost long-haul airline will launch the flights with its Airbus A350 fleet, currently made up of four aircraft, from mid-July. The airline says the launch coincides with Bastille Day and the reopening of the Eifel Tower.

French bee, Airbus A350, New York
French bee is set to launch a non-stop connection to New York’s Newark Airport. Photo: French bee

Based at Paris’ Orly Airport, French bee has a fleet of four Airbus A350-900 aircraft. While the airline focused on serving France’s overseas interests, including operating the world’s longest domestic flight at the height of the pandemic, it is now branching out further afield with its first solely international flight.

Heading to the big apple

From July 14th, French bee will be heading to the big apple. According to the French carrier, departures on the route are planned for Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from Paris and Newark. The flights are to be operated according to the following schedule,

  • BF 720 – Paris Orly (ORY) 19:45 – New York Newark (EWR) 22:00 – 08h15m
  • BF721 – New York Newark (EWR) 23:55 – Paris Orly (ORY) 13:20+1 – 07h25m

Interestingly, the airline will break the schedule on the inaugural flight, departing from Paris on Wednesday, July 14th, and returning to France as planned 24 hours later on Thursday, July 15th. The flights will be operated as a codeshare with fellow French Airbus A350 operator Air Caraibes.

French bee, Airbus A350, New York
The airline is targeting the flights at travelers originating in the US. Photo: French bee

Targeting French or American travelers?

It seems the airline is initially targetting US visitors wishing to visit France. Most travelers who have recently been in Europe are currently banned from entering the United States despite incredibly low incidence levels across much of the continent.

According to The Local in France, In June, France put the United States on its green list, meaning that travelers from the US no longer need to quarantine on arrival in France and can enter the country without an essential reason. French bee is marketing the Newark to Paris flight as the outbound leg of this trip.

French bee, Airbus A350, New York
French bee operates a fleet of four Airbus A350-900 aircraft. Photo: French bee

Commenting on the launch, the airline’s CEO, Marc Rochet, said,

“Paris is an attractive and highly sought after destination for U.S. travelers, especially as EU borders have reopened to U.S. residents this summer. We are looking forward to opening this route and allowing our passengers to discover or rediscover the City of Lights.”

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What to expect onboard

French bee’s four Airbus A350-900 aircraft come in a two-class configuration. At the front of the plane is the “Premium Blue” cabin, with seven abreast seating in a 2-3-2 configuration. The seats have a pitch of 36 inches and are 18 inches wide, with a 12-inch touch screen display and power at each seat. There are just 35 seats in the smaller cabin.

French bee, Airbus A350, New York
The Premium Blue cabin has 35 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. Photo: French bee

Behind this, the remainder of the 411 seats, 376 to be exact, are situated in ten abreast rows of 3-4-3. The seats have a pitch of 32 inches and a width of 16 inches, with a ten-inch touch screen display and power at each seat.

French bee, Airbus A350, New York
There are 376 seats in the economy cabin. Photo: French bee

In the economy cabin, two fares are available. Basic is the traditional low-cost offering, only including a carry-on bad. The Smart fare includes a checked bag and an inflight meal. The premium cabin has one fare, Premium. All passengers get two checked bags, two premium meals, complimentary drinks, and priority boarding in the premium cabin.

What do you make of French bee’s new route? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!

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