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Solo Milestone — Allison Matthews

solo milestone allison matthews Airplane GEEK Solo Milestone — Allison Matthews

Allison Matthews, EAA 1404432, soloed for the first time on June 18 in a Cessna 150L at the Hendricks County Airport in Danville, Indiana. Thanks to help from Allison’s mentor, Amy Hills, EAA 1269441, and instructor, Darrell Steinbuch, she has been practicing her flying since February of 2021.

Flying is in Allison’s blood, as her grandfather once owned a flight school, her uncle flies for a major airline, and her father has his commercial certificate.

“I guess I always knew eventually I would get my license, ” Allison said.

Working as a special education teacher and being mom to an 11-year-old and 9-year-old doesn’t leave much time for training, but Allison made it happen.

“My instructor flies with me three days in the week because he knows I’m a teacher and have time in the summer, ” Allison said. “He’s just been super patient. ”

As Allison continues on with her training, she looks forward to her future flying plans.

“My plan is just to fly privately for fun with my kids, ” Allison said, “just taking trips as a family, as well as introducing other people to aviation. ”

Congratulations on your solo, Allison!

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