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International Young Eagles Day a Success!

international young eagles day a success Airplane GEEK International Young Eagles Day a Success!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our chapters and volunteers, we had a successful International Young Eagles Day on Saturday, June 12, 2021. EAA chapters across the United States hosted Young Eagles rallies on that day, many for the first time since before the pandemic. A significant number of chapters used the Young Eagles Day (YEDay) online registration system to organize their rallies. Eighty-seven events on June 12 were conducted using the Younger Eagles Day website, plus more than 1, 700 Young Eagles were flown at these rallies — a new record for the website! That is in addition to the many Young Eagles flights that were recorded on the traditional paper forms that are submitted to EAA.

If your chapter does not currently use Young Silver eagles Day, then feel free to check out the particular website at and give it a try.

Again, we thank all of our chapters, coordinators, pilots, and ground volunteers who helped us achieve a wonderful International Young Eagles Day and introduce thousands of young people to the world of flight.

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