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What to do when you miss your Air Canada flight?

If you’ve missed your flight or you know you’re not going to make it, call the airline right away. Obviously, they won’t wait for you, but letting them know can work to your advantage. You see, many airlines including Air Canada, AirTransat, and WestJet have a “flat tire rule” which they can use at their discretion.

Two possible outcomes:

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The first one

The first one is that Air Canada arranges with the airport authorities to extend their wait time at the gate, they ask for patience from the passengers already boarded, they begin to make arrangements to fly in a backup crew, in case your lateness causes the crews to exceed their allowable duty time for that week and they patiently wait for you to arrive.

The second

The second is that they close the gate, back the airplane out of the gate, taxi to the takeoff strip, and leave town with that airplane.

If your question is actually about what happens to you when you are late and miss your flight, then let’s go back to the two scenarios.

In the first, you stroll through check-in, leave your luggage to be put on the airplane, proceed to security, then head to the gate, pausing to buy a refreshment to take on board, check-in again at the gate, walk down the boarding ramp to the airplane, pause to acknowledge the applause as you board the aircraft, find your seat, and prepare to leave on your flight.

In the second scenario, you think hard about whether you really need to travel, now that you will be arriving later, and if so, proceed to book an alternate flight. You will likely pay more than for your first booking, and no, you are unlikely to get a refund.

Just my assumption, but the second alternative is far, far more likely to happen than the first.

In this manner, what happens if you miss your flight?

If you missed a flight because you were late to the airport, you don’t have any real rights. Under most domestic airline policies — which are outlined in the contract of carriage on the airline website — if you miss a connection, it will rebook you on the next flight at no charge.

Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to change an Air Canada flight? For all changes made more than 24 hours after booking the flight: Econo fare: $75 – $88.50. Flex fare: $50 – $59. Plus fare: the cost of the fare difference, if there is one.

Next, Call Air Canada Reservations Team: 888-660-1594 or 1 (888) 247-2262 (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

Is there a fee for missing Air Canada Flight?

Depending on the airline, travelers may be charged a rebooking fee to get on another flight. Some airlines may also charge the difference in airfare — meaning a missed flight can be a costly inconvenience. Southwest, on the other hand, never charges change fees — but travelers may have to shoulder the fare difference.

What Do I Do if I Missed my Connecting Flight on Air Canada?

If after all the planning and arranging you did to make travel plans, you missed your connecting flight on Air Canada you’re probably wondering what to do next. You are not alone; this happens to many people, even those who are very organized and great planners so don’t panic, life goes on. This article can help you out by letting you know exactly what to do in this situation.

What to Do When you Miss your Connecting Flight

First of all, stay calm, it is not the end of the world, this is fixable. However, what you do next depends on your specific situation and what caused you to miss your flight. There are many reasons why a person may miss their connecting flight and in some instances, it may not even be your fault; maybe the flight was changed or delayed. We will take a look at different circumstances and let you know what to do in each.

Does Air Canada overbook its flights?

Just the facts: Yes
Behind the facts:
Airline passengers place a high value on refundable tickets (in case they can’t make their flight, don’t show up, or decide to change travel plans). In these cases, overbooking is a means (certainly not perfect but, on the whole, pretty viable) that lets airlines offer refundable tickets without losing a lot of money.
In the rare circumstances (and it is rare) where you can’t get on a flight due to overbooking, Air Canada offers compensation (in the form of a travel voucher or cash) and they make alternate arrangements to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Where’s the best place to buy Air Canada tickets?

One place you’re guaranteed to find our lowest prices is When you complete your purchase on our website, you can change or cancel your booking with ease, request an upgrade, and even shop for your hotel or car rental –  right from Air Canada (AC) homepage. You can even confirm the status of your flight or check-in up to 24 hours before your flight.
If you prefer to purchase your ticket with the help of an agent, Call Us (888) 660 15-94 – we’re there to help.
Travel agents are another great source of personalized service. Be sure to ask what fare type you’ll be traveling on, and any important conditions on changes or cancellations. In North America, Air Canada has a very simple fare structure, but important differences exist between each fare type.
Traveling as part of a group?
If you’re part of a group of 10 or more, you may be interested in our Meetings and Conventions or Group Travel services.

How late can I change my Air Canada flight?

Flight Pass credit bookings can be changed once, up to two hours before the original departure, until the expiration date of the Flight Pass, free of charge.

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