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Poberezny Legacy Tour

By: Barbara A. Schmitz

Most EAA members know that Paul Poberezny founded EAA. But did you know that when he bought his new brick home in 1988 just down the road from the AirVenture grounds that the house was in such bad repair that the EAA maintenance manager at the time told him to fix it with two sticks of dynamite and start all over? Or that after the renovation was done, he decided the basement was too small so workers had to dig out the new cellar area with shovels?

Paul Poberezny's House
The Poberezny home was purchased by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. and the Irwin family and is open for tours.

Did you know that Paul has been a prolific reader of westerns and aviation books, and that he signed his name, date, and time to most books he finished reading? Or that when his wife, Audrey, went to the hospital to deliver their first child, Bonnie, he offered in order to pack up her typewriter plus bring it along so she could keep up with her EAA correspondence? (She said no. )

You can learn interesting stories about Paul in addition to Audrey, as well as see the 9-acre grounds that they once called home as part associated with the Poberezny Legacy Tour. Paul renovated the main home, which they moved into in 1991, and even built additions and buildings on the property, because well as a pond, memorial garden, and more. The tour includes access to the West Wing, The Annex, and the particular Memorial Garden and nature area, and visitors will see thousands of personal memorabilia and photos from his time in aviation.

Paul spent a lot of period writing to chapters together with EAA members so it’s no surprise that he has offices throughout the property. He had a logbook that will visitors were asked to be able to sign when they came to see him, but this individual also signed in every time he entered of which office. His favorite office was likely the one built on top of the garage. When that addition had been built, the trees were small enough that he or she could see the north-south runway.

You’ll see photos of Paul and Audrey with country singer John Denver, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, radio host Paul Harvey and many aviation legends. Plus you’ll see the iconic Red One , Paul’s Volkswagen that he drove around the convention reasons during earlier conventions, since well as Red 3 , son Tom’s Volkswagen used for the same purpose.

Paul Poberezny's Signature Red Bug
John was synonymous with Red One, the Volkswagen they drove throughout the convention grounds during many regarding his years as EAA president. You will see it and his workshop as part of typically the Poberezny Legacy Tour.

There’s a shelf of failed parts from the various airplanes that he had to do emergency landings in. And his parking area will be accentuated with props the fact that once were on Paul’s P-64 and damaged right after he forgot to put his landing gear down.

You’ll learn lots involving little trivia about the man who started EAA, such as his nicknames because people couldn’t pronounce Poberezny, how he finally get his wings, or why almost all the pine trees which will Paul planted on this property were later relocated by EAA maintenance.

Paul Poberezny

To purchase tickets during AirVenture, call 800-564-6322 or stop at Forum Stage 7, across from often the EAA Blue Barn. The particular 90-minute tours will take place daily through Saturday at 10 a. m., 1 p. m., and additionally 3 p. m., and a bus will take a person to and from your convention grounds to the exact home.

Typically the home is now owned by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. and the Irwin family, although EAA maintains the very property.

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