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What We Know About Mexico’s Promised Airline For Mexicana Employees

This week, the Mexican Government promised to start a new commercial airline, employing former Mexicana de Aviación workers and launching it as soon as March 21, 2022. Should we believe in these plans? Let’s investigate further.

Mexicana de Aviación Getty
There’s a plan to launch an airline employing former Mexicana workers. Photo: Getty Images

What did the Mexican Government offer?

Mexicana de Aviación is a former airline that ceased operations in 2010. The story behind the particular disappearance of this carrier is filled with corruption . Since then, the former employees have not received any sort of payment nor solution to their legal inquiries.

Three different governments have gone by, and each has promised a solution to typically the Mexicana issue. Now, this current Mexican president has just announced that he wants a new State airline run by previous Mexicana employees.

He vaguely promised that will there are negotiations in order to launch a new provider but denied giving more information. He said,

“We are looking at everything, and when we have more elements, we will give more information. Currently, we need more time because we’re looking for an agreement. It is a conciliation process because they (the former Mexicana owners, currently prosecuted simply by local authorities) left a mess. They broke the company and left the employees unprotected. Now, we’re making an effort to relaunch Mexicana. ”

Santa Lucia Airport Mexico Getty
Mexico is building a new airport north of Mexico City. In this photo, we see Volaris landing in one of the runways of this brand new, still unfinished, hub. Picture: Getty Images

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But Mexicana is actually flying again?

The short answer is no. Mexicana de Aviación won’t be flying any time again quickly. According to local information, the government plans to be able to have a US$155 million loan to launch a new carrier. Approximately 60% of the loan will come from private investors, and the remaining would come from the government.

The fresh carrier, which has no name at the moment, would start operating on March 21, 2022. On this date, the Mexican government will certainly also open up the new airport terminal it is building for Mexico Town.

This new airline would start with a small fleet, operating only domestic routes. Within the next five years, the service provider would increase its fleet up to 60 planes.

The former Mexicana employees would have a crucial role within the brand-new airline, although we currently don’t know how this would work.

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Should we believe in these plans?

The Mexican airline industry took the news of a new State company with suspicion. As stated before, it is not the first time that a Mexican government has promised for you to find a solution to help the Mexicana issue. So far, none of those plans have come to fruition.

Additionally, launching a new carrier within nine months is the challenging task. Like any kind of business, a new airline needs to find a good market , and taking things one step at a new time is the best strategy.

The government just announced this new airline, meaning there’s zero information on how it will work.

Finally, there’s the issue of the new Mexican air-port. The construction of the completely new hub, located north associated with Mexico City, is going smoothly in terms of assembling the infrastructure. Nevertheless, often the airline industry doesn’t know anything about how this international airport will work. You can see above a video of how the new airport presently looks.

The new hub will open in less than eight months. There’s no info regarding the airspace management, how it will simultaneously work with the current South america City airport, or what benefits airlines can have if they decide to operate from this new airport.

Do you think we will ever see this new State Philippine airline with former Mexicana employees? Let us understand in the comments.

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