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A Ray Scholar’s Aviation Journey

Seventeen-year-old Jayden Chow didn’t come from an aviation family. This didn’t stop him, however , from pursing his passions. Jayden, EAA 1293557, was first introduced to EAA by his dad’s coworker.

Jayden Chow

“The Young Eagles coordinator at the time told me about the RV-12 build, and I went to check it out, ” Jayden said.

This particular RV-12 build was being done by EAA Chapter 20 in San Carlos, California. Jayden quickly became involved at Chapter 20. Not only did he help with the build, but also he started studying to get his private pilot certificate. Along the way, Jayden was awarded the Ray Aviation Scholarship. He also quickly learned regarding the “world’s greatest air show” in Oshkosh.

“When I first heard about Oshkosh, I said I want in order to get my PPL plus then fly in the year of, ” Jayden said. “That happened. ”

In May of this year, Jayden was able to earn his private in the very RV-12 he helped build, and indeed flew it into Oshkosh. Flying into the Wittman Regional Airport during AirVenture is not an easy feat, especially for a 17-year-old who just got his certificate two months prior. He flew in along with Thomas Carlson, secretary associated with Chapter 20, along together with other members of their chapter.

Thomas Carlson

Now that he has accomplished this particular aviation goal, Jayden is looking forward to the particular future.

“I definitely want to go for my commercial [and] ATP, probably go work for the airlines, ” Jayden said.

Jayden isn’t just thinking career-wise for the future; he’s also excited to give back to the aviation community.

“I was talking to typically the Ray Scholarship coordinator, in addition to he said I could [fly] Young Eagles as long as I get a letter of recommendation from someone in the chapter or my flight instructor, ” Jayden said. “I’m definitely going to be doing that will … when I get home. ”

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