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August 2021 Crossword Key



1 Dentist who produced one of the first composite aircraft

6 Lear, for one

8 Compete with

9 It’s closely related to the ADI

10 Parallel and opposing force to an aircraft’s motion through the air

12 Begins “of climb” and “end”

13 Chooses

16 What zoom climbs tend to be

20 Jet pilot who started the engine did this to the fire

21 “Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory” is one

22 North American business jet

27 Bomber plane org. from 1946 to 1992

29 Elevates

32 Company that holds an annual Migration Flight Training Conference

35 State with the highest airport in the Lower 48, abbr.


36 Late test pilot whose dad was Daedalus

38 Dreaded yearly event

40 Approaches

41 Nickname for the auto-pilot system

42 ___ up (got nervous)


1 Essential plane features

2 Small part

3 Approximate departure time, abbr.

4 ___S, one of many kinds of speed


5 Every Van’s name

6 Lockheed bizjet

7 CAF is completing its Henry B. _____ Aviation Education Center, honoring the Tuskegee Airmen

11 Unlike Hamlet, for pilots, the question is, “To ___, or not…”

14 Flight ___: preparations for an upcoming flight

15 It ebbs and flows

17 Organization that organizes AirVenture, abbr.

18 Knots ___ hour

19 An unlikely aircraft power source

23 Drill attachment

24 Lancair kitplane that was the genesis for the Columbia 25 Dangerous coat on a plane

26 “Sometimes, ____ feels too God-like to be attained by man.” Charles Lindbergh

28 Beluga relative, aquatically

30 U.S. aviation regulators

31 Hand propped?

33 Air gets less ____ as you climb 34 Gave out

37 Observe

38 Beautiful airplanes are a work of this

39 Package delivery service that helped pioneer ADS-B


August 2021 Crossword Key


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