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What to do when you miss your Air Frane Flight

Air France: Air France has a generous official policy. As stated on its website, “Missed your flight? The missed flight policy will cover the cost of a new ticket* for the same destination for a departure within 24 hours of the original departure time.” Of course, it’s limited to the cost of the original ticket. You’ll also want to get in touch with the airline ASAP once you miss your flight.

Missed your flight? The missed flight policy will cover the cost of a new ticket* for the same destination for a departure within 24 hours of the original departure time!

Please note, we strongly recommend that you take all necessary measures to be at the airport before your flight’s Check-in Deadline.
Please remember that you should inform Allianz Global Assistance immediately in case of a missed flight.

It depends. If your flights are part of a complete round trip purchased on a single itinerary/airline, then the answer is no, since the first flight/airline will automatically cancel your itinerary after you miss the first flight.

If you can, what you should do as soon as you miss your flight (or even before is better, when you know you will miss the flight) is contact the airline of the flight you missed, and ask to be put on the standby list of the next flight, telling them you know for a fact you’ll miss your flight. In some cases they may be able to even confirm you on the next flight. Some airlines will also charge you a fee for this (standby fee) and for confirmation on a different flight (rebooking fee). But by doing this, your return leg will still be valid, and you will still be active in their system.

If the airline cannot get you on one of their flights, then ask if they can book you a new itinerary with just your return flight, if you yourself, can find an alternate flight on a different carrier to your destination. I’ve had this done when I needed to take a different airline due to schedule, and was able to get the airline to generate me a completely new itinerary on the same return flight only. It probably helped that I had status on the airline.

Next, Call Air France Customer Number: 1 (800) 237-2747 (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

The thing NOT TO DO is … to do nothing. By doing nothing, you become a no-show, which means that all reservations for subsequent legs (including return flights) will be canceled, and your entire ticket becomes value-less.

Always get in touch with your airline as early as possible. If you arrive late at the airport, go directly to the sales counter of the airline and convince them that you missed the flight for a good reason – like unexpected circumstances. If you drive to the airport, call them on the way: don’t wait before you reach the airport.

If the flight is a connecting flight, and you miss it because your incoming flight was delayed, and he connecting flight is on the same ticket, then the airline is responsible to get you to your final destination. They will probably already have rebooked you to a later flight. Again go to the transfer counter and inquire.

This is only when both flights are on the same ticket. If you made the bad choice of buying totally distinct tickets – with separate airlines – then the airline operating your connecting flight is in no obligation to rebook you: you will be a no-show (see above). Again, it is very important to contact that airline as early as possible. Typically flight delays occur before departure: so you will know that your incoming flight will be delayed fairly early, and will be able to call the airline of your connecting flight before your first flight even takes off. That way they can rebook you at minimal cost. If the delay only becomes apparent while in the air, and the flight offers in-flight telephone access, then call the airline during the flight. Don’t wait until you arrive.

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