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Girls Can’t Talk On The Radio…Yeah, Right

girls cant talk on the radioyeah right Airplane GEEK Girls Can’t Talk On The Radio…Yeah, Right

Aviation is alive and well on TikTok, and one woman on that popular platform, who goes by the handle PlaneGirl, is doing nothing short of crushing it, creating some remarkably popular video shorts that have been seen by many millions of people.

PlaneGirl’s shorts are remarkably varied and clever. This one is composed of just the radio calls on her way to this summer’s Oshkosh AirVenture fly-in in her classic early-1950s V-tail Bonanza. It’s impressive stuff.

PlaneGirl in real life is Stephanie “Stevie” Triesenberg, a software engineer, CFI and aviation enthusiastic extraordinaire, has a TikTok channel with 1.3 million followers, and for good reason. Triesenberg’s content is catchy, funny and super educational too. Not to mention that it’s also incredibly inspiring to young people who might not know much about aviation but who are very likely to fall in love with it, as well as veteran pilots like most of us, who can always do with a quick infusion of the pure joy of flying. Thanks, PlaneGirl!

@planegirlwelcome to Oshkosh! radios from Ann Arbor, MI to EAA AirVenture♬ original sound – stevie

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