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EAA’s The Green Dot — Dr. Susan Northrup

GD Airplane GEEK EAA’s The Green Dot — Dr. Susan Northrup

eaas the green dot dr susan northrup Airplane GEEK EAA’s The Green Dot — Dr. Susan Northrup

This time on EAA’s The Green Dot, we gave listeners the opportunity to get to know the FAA’s new federal air surgeon, Dr. Susan Northrup, EAA 1114960, as hosts Chris and Tom discussed topics such as policy, goals for the future, and navigating challenges like COVID-19.

The Green Dot is a podcast created by aviation enthusiasts for their fellow aviation enthusiasts. The podcast features EAA and aviation news, general aviation topics, history, personal experiences from hosts and guests, and plenty more. Listeners can land on The Green Dot on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and on EAA’s blog no matter the weather. Thank you for listening, and please consider sharing the podcast and leaving a rating and review if you enjoyed this or any episode.

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