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October 2021 Crossword Key

October 2021 Crossword



    1  Piper light twin

    5  Competent

    9  Unlike localizer, it has vertical guidance

  10  Concorde once followed in the penumbra of one for hours

  11  “Flying Milkstool” prefix

  13  Cheetahs and Otters have one on their tail

  14  Geometrical term familiar to readers of this magazine

  16  Area of expertise

  18  Most unpaved runways, 2 words

  22  Letters that come before R

  24  LAX city

  25  What you’re supposed to do with NOTAMS

  26  “Keep ’em flying” is their motto and mission, EEA _____ of America

  31  Current PA-28 model


  32  The penalty of most aircraft updates

  33  Former U.S. Air Force arm, abbr.

  34  Lab device for studying aerodynamics

  35  Cam and crank


    1  Side or forward

    2  Switch that controls electrical power to all circuits in an aircraft electrical system

    3  The N in NOTAMS


    4  Planes are cheap, for example

    6  A two-winger

    7  Watch closely

    8  Plane, to an air traffic controller

  12  Large rodent

  13  Unidentified aircraft, in slang

  15  Completion

  17  Standard terminal arrival route, abbr.

  19  Common high-lift device

  20  Third in the family

  21  Technology fast replacing incandescent in aviation

  23  F-16 or 7-X

  25  FAA standards give pilots 3 seconds to do this when there’s an emergency

  27  ___ DA-18

  28  Nickname for doped fabric

  29  Locations

  30  Jim of AA-1 fame

  32  Existed

October 2021 Crossword Key


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