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A Slice of Vintage Heaven

a slice of vintage heaven Airplane GEEK A Slice of Vintage Heaven

By Alden Frautschy

When you say the word “Brodhead” to most antique aircraft pilots, it’s met with reverence.   With its grass runways and hangars full of vintage aircraft, it’s a special place. Every fall it gets a little bit more special when the Midwest Antique Airplane Club holds its annual Grassroots Fly-In.    

The aim of MAAC is simple: continue to foster the love for these aircraft. Throughout the year they hold events around the Midwest, with Brodhead being one of the largest events of the year. There are no vendors or forums or workshops. It’s just a group of people sharing in a new common love of old airplanes. If you’re looking at an airplane there’s a safe bet you may find yourself flying in it soon after. From dawn to dusk, airplanes are constantly flying and once the sun goes down you’ll find pilots sitting at their campsites or by the large fire pit telling tall tales.   As the saying goes “Come for the airplanes, stay for the people. ”

This members-only gathering has rapidly turned into one of the most fun fly-ins of the particular year and one of my personal favorites. I’ve been going since I was a really little kid and I love the laid-back atmosphere. Go look at airplanes for a while, maybe sit on the flightline and watch the activity, or even sit in a friend’s hangar watching the fun and talking. At night, go watch the outdoor movie or perhaps enjoy the bonfire. There’s no schedule other than drooling over all typically the beautiful antiques. It’s heaven.

For more information, including how to join, visit . There’s no more welcoming aviation club out there and you won’t be disappointed.

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