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Solo Milestone — Finley Taylor

Finley Taylor, EAA Lifetime 1436312, accomplished a massive milestone on his 16 th birthday by soloing not one, but four airplanes!

“My goal was to solo as many airplanes as possible on my birthday and I wasn’t really shooting for a specific number, ” Finley said. “I was just trying in order to get prepared and be ready to fly as many airplanes as I possibly could. ”

Finley’s interest in flying began at a very young age, and he credits his grandfather, Richard Taylor, for sparking that interest.

“My grandpa [late EAA Director Richard W. Taylor] and I used to have breakfast together when I was very young, ” Finley said. “We would discuss airplanes and talk about how airplane systems worked. My grandpa owned a Piper Aerostar, which is my earliest memory of flying. ”

While it was Finley’s grandfather who sparked the interest, it was his father, Steve Taylor, who encouraged him to start lessons.

“I have wanted to take flight training ever since I has been a little kid and We probably have close to be able to 1, 000 hours associated with non-logged right seat time flying with my dad, ” Finley said. “I had already seen my father do so much flying, so the hurdle was just for you to start taking lessons. ”

solo milestone finley taylor Airplane GEEK Solo Milestone — Finley Taylor

Of course , 13 years regarding attending AirVenture was also a huge inspiration to help Finley wanting to become a pilot.

“I am involved with EAA by attending AirVenture every year I can, ” Finley said. “I am 16, and I actually have been to 13 Oshkosh’s. It’s truly the second home and that has continued to be one of my highlights involving every year. ”

Early on September 6, Finley set off to solo a Republic SeaBee.

“The first airplane I soloed on my 16th birthday had been our Republic SeaBee, near our home on Lake Sammamish, Washington, ” Finley said. “It was early morning, with overcast clouds and a smooth lake. I went out and did five landings along with my instructor, and our dad came up with the boat, and the instructor got off. I gave my pops a fist bump, and am closed the door. My partner and i departed off the river, got about 20 feet off of the water, then stretched out plus realized, I’m really doing this! After flying so much with dad in the SeaBee, it seemed to be really cool to be able to fly by myself. ”

Later that same day, Finley went to Cawleys South Prairie (02WA) to solo the J-3 Cub and Aeronca Champ, then to Tacoma Narrows (TIW) to solo a Cessna 172.

solo milestone finley taylor 1 Airplane GEEK Solo Milestone — Finley Taylor

“My dad soloed on his 16th in a new Super Cub, so it felt really cool to possess my first land single be in a Cub as well, ” Finley said. “The next airplane My spouse and i flew was a J-3 Cub on a grass runway. It was really special to be able towards fly a J-3 Cub on my birthday. It’s such a cool in addition to special airplane, it was initially a great opportunity. Next, I soloed an Aeronca Champ, also on grass. Then we headed to Tacoma Narrows where I soloed a 172. ”

Coming as no surprise, Finley has equally impressive goals for their 17 th birthday.

“I plan to take my private, single-engine land, single-engine sea, multi-engine property, and possibly even instrument checkrides in the 17th birthday, ” Finley said.

Finley said his goal for the future is to make a career for himself in aviation.

“…My goal has always been that I want to become paid to fly planes for a living, whether that be in flight test, commercial, or corporate, ” Finley said. “I’m grateful for every opportunity that I get, and I’m keeping my horizons broad. ”

solo milestone finley taylor 2 Airplane GEEK Solo Milestone — Finley Taylor

Congratulations again, Finley! Watch the video of Finley soloing four airplanes here .

Have you reached some sort of milestone recently? Passed a good checkride, given your first or hundredth Young Eagles airline flight, flown your homebuilt with regard to the first time? Tell us about it at  EAA. org/Submissions .

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