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Britney Spears Goes “Flying!”


First things first: Why should you care what Britney Spears does or doesn’t do? Fair enough. The now 39-year-old pop star, who is worth an estimated $60 million, was recently released from a 13-year conservator decree whereby her father got to call all the shots in her daily life, to the point of needing to approve even small purchases, all because of the star’s well-known difficulties with living independently when she burst onto the scene more than 20 years ago. The point being, Britney is now free.

To celebrate, she posted a short Instagram video of herself at the controls (not really) of a turboprop twin she was a passenger in. The pilot is explaining things to her, but she’s more interested in how cool it is to actually be flying the plane. More than a million people have liked the post, many of them young people who might not have previously known that planes and pilots are as awesome as they are.

Our second point is just that: She is clearly directly associating flying with that newfound freedom. Months ago, as she was going through the process of fighting for her independence, she posted an image of Amelia Earhart. And while it’s hard for some of us to discern the exact meaning of the emojis she used to communicate her feelings, we’re pretty sure the gist is, being a pilot rocks and flying is super cool because it’s freedom in action.

britney spears goes flying Airplane GEEK Britney Spears Goes “Flying!”

Which gets us to our third point: Did you ever think you’d have so much in common with Britney Spears!



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