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A Very Special Checklist

On September 21, 2021, pilot Al Taylor, EAA 271407, conducted a Young Eagles flight for both Hannah and Reid, young adults in the Tomah, Wisconsin, school system. But this wasn’t just any Young Eagles flight — it was the backdrop for Reid to ask Hannah to homecoming. The pilot, Reid’s dad Kurt, and Hannah’s mom Tonya worked together to arrange the special invitation.

a very special checklist Airplane GEEK A Very Special Checklist

It was decided that the two would ride together and Hannah would sit in the right seat helping with the checklists. After a sacrifice of fowl. |Leaving the|A|Using} nice flight through smooth air, Hannah helped with the before-landing checklist, and that one had a surprise on the back:

“Reduce air speed and prepare for a smooth landing… if you’ll go to Homecoming with me? ”

She said yes.

a very special checklist 1 Airplane GEEK A Very Special Checklist

a very special checklist 2 Airplane GEEK A Very Special Checklist

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