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ATP Opens Its Arlington Pilot Training Center

atp opens its arlington pilot training center Airplane GEEK ATP Opens Its Arlington Pilot Training Center

ATP Flight School opened its Arlington, TX, flight training center today, and the company says that it’s the largest such training facility in the state of Texas. Arlington is a Dallas-area city with an excellent municipal airport and a prime location. 

ATP says that its Airline Career Pilot Program students go from zero hours and in just seven months graduate as commercial multi-engine pilots and CFIs. “Pilots graduating on this accelerated timeline,” ATP said in its release announcing the grand opening, “are in a competitive position to capitalize on a post-pandemic pilot shortage and quickly establish their careers.”

The center will be ready to go. Students there will be flying Cessna 172s outfitted with Garmin G1000 NXi and Piper Archers. ATP is also in the process of adding “factory-new Pipers” to the mix to accommodate what it says is a busy training marketplace. The center, by the way, is also home to an ATP maintenance facility that will take care of the fleet and help keep time on the ground to a minimum.

The Dallas area is a great location for another reason. As the main hub for American Airlines, job opportunities are key. ATP says that more than 650 of its students have signed on with American or its partner Envoy Air.


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