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High Sierra Fly-In Was Nuts

high sierra fly in was nuts Airplane GEEK High Sierra Fly-In Was Nuts
Photo by Jim Raeder

This week’s Plane & Pilot Photo of the Week comes from the talented aviation photographer Jim Raeder, whose lens was trained on the hijinks at the High Sierra Fly-In (HSF) at Dead Cow Lake in Nevada last week. A big part of HSF is the spirit of pushing-the-limits fun that is hardly limited to just the airplane flying. Over the past couple of years, the Onewheel has been central to the extracurriculars at Dead Cow, and Kevin Palmer has taken the technology to the next level by combining the spirit of excitement and experimentation with vintage lawn chair living. We’d say 11/10 on the design and on the modeling, Kevin.

Check back on Tuesday for our High Sierra Fly-In web gallery, with high lights (and low lights?) from what might just have been the best HSF ever.

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