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Auterion Enterprise PX4 v2.4: Effortless and safer VTOL deployment

auterion enterprise px4 v2 4 effortless and safer vtol deployment Airplane GEEK Auterion Enterprise PX4 v2.4: Effortless and safer VTOL deployment

The latest release of the Auterion software platform makes it easier and safer to deploy VTOL drones. Operators can now define areas that are safe for the transition into forward flight directly on the GUI and the vehicle can be immediately deployed even without defining a mission in advance.

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Safe areas for VTOL deployment

Requiring transition from hover to forward flight makes the operation of VTOL drones more difficult than multicopter deployments. The operator needs to make sure that the vehicle transitions in a safe direction without potential obstacles. With our new release, operators can easily define safe areas directly in the GUI of Auterion Mission Control. Auterion Enterprise PX4 will ensure to transition within the safe area and in the right direction against the wind. After takeoff the vehicle will automatically loiter within the safe area until the operator defines further actions, enabling rapid deployment without defining a mission in advance.

Workswell WIRIS camera integration

The latest additions to our set of integrated cameras are the dual EO/IR cameras WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Security from Workswell. Skynode users are enabled to use those payloads – along with all other pre-integrated cameras – out of the box for their drone solutions powered by Auterion.

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