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November 2021 Crossword Key

November 2021 Crossword Puzzle



1 No rudder for this two-door charmer

4 Draco’s donor

7 Piper twin based on a Stinson 

9 It propels us

12 Host city after Rockford

13 Very short time period, abbr.

16 Radio or a convective storm, abbr. 

17 Went off course

19 Agcy. that manages federal flight schedules

21 Go by these if you’re IMC, abbr.

22 Only six-pack instrument not required for IFR, abbr.

23 Around here, this always goes with “pilot”

24 What you might sign working with top-secret planes


25 TV show where the hero owned and flew Cessna twins

26 Recognizes

29 Jim of American Aviation fame

30 Vought F-8  or Cessna cabin class twin

31 It used to be mandatory at 60, abbr.


1 Historic time period


2 Airspace that used to be known as Positive Control Area, 2 words

3 ___ flight checklist

4 Trumpet’s sound

5 Sch. whose mascot is Mike the Tiger, abbr.

6 Later model of the Piper PA-23

8 Raise

10 NFL position, for short

11 Top grades

13 Cessna’s 337 _____ with an engine in the front and one in the back

14 Personal jet, the ____ 500

15 Plane that was called by some the “Flying Milk Stool”—Piper ____

17 What you do to determine compass accuracy

18 Directly, directionally

19 Less white and darker as clouds

20 What a smart pilot does with CB

27 Morse Code can be used to get this

28 Establish

29 First two letters with most Beech aircraft

November 2021 Crossword Key


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