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EAA’s Attic — TWA Concorde Display Model

eaas attic twa concorde display model Airplane GEEK EAA’s Attic — TWA Concorde Display Model

This piece originally ran in the October 2021 issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.

Back in the mid-1960s, about four years before the first flight of the prototype, Trans World Airlines (TWA), like a number of other carriers, took nonbinding options to buy a number of Concordes for its fleet. Unfortunately, the combined forces of politics, noise concerns, and economics ultimately meant that TWA would never embrace supersonic travel. British company} Westway Models, at one time the particular oldest aviation model maker in Europe, produced a series of Concordes in the liveries of multiple airlines, including TWA, that had planned to purchase typically the sleek airliners. The example on display in this EAA Aviation Museum is approximately 7 feet long and is estimated in order to be modeled in 1/25 scale.

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