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Wall Of Weather

wall of weather Airplane GEEK Wall Of Weather


Mike Hart got this gorgeous shot of a cloud front mirroring the bends of the Salmon River as he was flying a deadhead leg in a 2019 Caravan EX north along the river “trying to beat the rain clouds to the airport. It ended up a tie.” Hart was flying VFR from Lemhi County Airport in Salmon, ID, from Friedman Memorial Airport (Hailey, ID) after a charter. He chose to fly VFR to stay ahead of the building weather. He added that the flight had some drama associated with it, when ATC asked him if he could check out a reported ELT going off on the other side of the cloud, but the wall of weather was, he said, “impenetrable (VFR at least).” The good news was the ELT turned out to be a small plane that landed hard (presumably with no damage) at a private backcountry strip. 

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