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Top Gun Barbie

top gun barbie Airplane GEEK Top Gun Barbie


With the long-awaited Top Gun reboot scheduled for March of 2022, the merch train is getting ramped up in fine fashion. We’re pretty meh about most of the products associated with such Hollywood franchises, but here’s one we totally love. For more than 60 years, little kids have loved their Barbie Dolls, though their portrayal of women for decades was hardly the stuff of Top Gun dreams. That has been corrected. The doll, Natasha Trace, fighter jock tag “Phoenix,” portrays a Naval aviator complete with jumpsuit, sunglasses, dog tags and flight helmet, and looks ready for supersonic action. The doll, which sells for around $40, is already available just in time for the holidays, too. Also, we can’t fail to share this video of a scene from Top Gun faithfully recreated in Lego!


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