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Gigantic Globemaster

Would you believe that this giant 19-foot-span model weighs in at just under 11 pounds? Designed and built by Thomas Maier, this C-124-2 Globemaster features balsa construction and is covered with Oracover Air Indoor film. Power comes from four modified Scorpion M-3011-760kv motors—originally intended for multirotor aircraft—that each weigh 3.17 ounces and turn a 18.5 x 20 three-blade propeller via a 6.7:1 gear reduction. The current consumption of each motor is around 11 amps at 22 volts, which is perfect for the model’s scale-like average 26mph speed. Enjoy this flight video from YouTube’s RCScaleAirplanes!

gigantic globemaster Airplane GEEK Gigantic Globemaster

All framed up, the Globemaster is ready for its Oracover Air Indoor film covering. It’s easy to see how this giant weighs less than 11 pounds!

gigantic globemaster 1 Airplane GEEK Gigantic Globemaster

Motor nacelle from the inside with mounted motor. The small Scorpion multirotor motor is geared and turns an 18.5 x 20 three-blade propeller and is powered by a 6S LiPo.

gigantic globemaster 2 Airplane GEEK Gigantic Globemaster

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