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Sling High Wing Takes Off

sling high wing takes off Airplane GEEK Sling High Wing Takes Off

Back in 2008, the aviation world sat up and took notice of a new brand of sport airplane made in South Africa by a company then known as The Airplane Factory and today simply as Sling Aircraft. A homegrown enterprise, the company’s first plane was a two-seater, but it quickly stretched the concept into a four-place model, prototypes of which were flown around the world by two of the founders, South Africans Mike Blyth and James Pitman. And, naturally, they made stops in Wisconsin to show them off at the EAA Oshkosh AirVenture. 

Pilots lined up to try them out and were enchanted by the fighter-like handling yet simple and affordable construction. And as much as customers loved the designs, from early on, there was a hew and cry for a high-wing Sling.  

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