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1/5-scale Mossie Takes Flight

1 5 scale mossie takes flight Airplane GEEK 1/5-scale Mossie Takes Flight

One of a pair of scratch-built Mosquitos, this 12-foot-span beauty is the handiwork of John Greenfield and Tony Hazelhurst. It features all-wood built-up construction with two fiberglass cowls, each housing a DLE 55 engine fitted with a homemade silencer.The fully sprung landing gear is also homemade. John says,”The models were finished in 25g glass cloth and G4 and then panel lines, surface detail, etc. was added, and then they were sprayed by ourselves in my workshop.” He adds, “Radio is Futaba with a right old mix of Savox and Hitec servos.”

John and Tony are both members of the Ghost Squadron Aircraft Team, a UK organization formed in 1980 to promote the public awareness of large scale model aircraft and to demonstrate these models to both fellow modellers and the general public.

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