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Easy Rivets on Film Finishes

I thought I would share a quick and easy way that I have found to put rivets onto MonoKote or other plastic covering. Anytime I happen to be in a craft store, I always look around to see what I might be able to use on a model (you never know what you might find!). Well, I found this nifty little pizza cutter-looking tool. I’m not sure what it is really used for; instead of being a cutting blade it has rounded points all the way around.

So, on to how I use this to make rivets. It’s super easy! Just find a three-view of the airplane you want to replicate and mark where you want the rivets to go. Then hold a straightedge in place and roll away. Only apply light pressure, as you do not want to make any weak spots in the balsa; you just want to mark the covering. It’s that simple!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Easy Rivets on Film Finishes

Panel lines really dress up an ordinary ARF.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Easy Rivets on Film Finishes

Tracing wheels for sewing patterns like this one are readily available at craft stores. Lightly rolled over film covering on a model, they can create realistic panel lines. Use a straightedge to keep your panel lines even.

Text & photos by Dan Landis


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