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Creative Ideas From Chapter 91

By EAA Chapter 91

Dedicated EAA chapter members are what makes our EAA chapter network great. Having nearly 900 EAA chapters and squadrons in the network around the country, in Canada, and internationally, provides lots of opportunities for EAA members to make a difference in their local chapters. Some of our EAA chapters recognize the dedication these members leave behind and desire to memorialize their past members when they have “gone west.” EAA Chapter 91, located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, honors its past members using a memorial brick sidewalk running from the chapter hangar across the lawn to a nearby flagpole and outdoor seating area. The memorial bricks list the EAA chapter member’s name, EAA number, and the date of their passing. The brick sidewalk was first installed without names; then single bricks are removed and replaced with an engraved brick as needed to recognize members. “Our Gone West sidewalk also has a park bench and a Little Free Library® and is a popular place to rest, read, and remember,” explained EAA Chapter 91 President Mike Dooley.

creative ideas from chapter 91 Airplane GEEK Creative Ideas From Chapter 91

EAA Chapter 91 elected to fabricate its Little Free Library to emulate an airplane hangar. Little Free Libraries® are literally tiny libraries often the size of a breadbox mounted on a post. The public is welcome to remove a book and replenish the library by offering free books to the library. Little Free Libraries® are located around the world and are registered at Each library is labeled with a charter number issued by the organization. EAA Chapter 91 created a hangar-style Little Free Library® to provide a place for pilots and the public to borrow books at the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (KLXT).

Details for Chapter 91’s library:

  • Constructed using plywood with a sheet metal roof.
  • Clear acrylic windows and a door on the front.
  • Mounted on a 4-inch wooden post near our flagpole.
  • Interior dimensions are approximately 12 inches high at the ends by 12 inches deep x 30 inches wide. The peak height is approximately 15 inches at the center of the roof.
  • This mini-hangar design easily holds two dozen books.
  • These libraries operate on a “take one, leave one” basis. The volume of books in our library varies quite a bit, but it has never been empty or overfilled. Books that rotate through the library generally have aviation themes, but the library also has children’s books and novels.

An information box was added on the library box for event flyers, chapter brochures, etc. 

Mike explained, “The library has proven to be a great addition to our hangar site and the information box helps inform the public about our chapter and public events. Our Gone West sidewalk, park bench and a Little Free Library® and is a popular place to rest, read, and remember.”

creative ideas from chapter 91 1 Airplane GEEK Creative Ideas From Chapter 91

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