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Supply Chain Woes Hit Major Avionics Maker

supply chain woes hit major avionics maker Airplane GEEK Supply Chain Woes Hit Major Avionics Maker

Seattle-based avionics manufacturer Dynon issued a remarkably transparent press release today detailing the reasons why it can’t “manufacture or ship experimental SkyView HDX, SkyView Classic, and SkyView SE displays.”  The story is one we’ve seen recently in regard to consumer products, but this is the first large GA manufacturer to report such issues. In the release, Dynon wrote, “the current sustained global supply chain crisis has seen us face increasing supplier de-commitments and dramatically increased delivery times, impacting our ability to keep critical components in stock.”

It went on to say that it “has found alternatives for many components—often at much higher prices. However, there are components critical to experimental SkyView displays that are not available at all right now, at any cost.” The company says that it is working hard to come up with solutions, even having its engineers to work “aggressively through the holidays to finish changes to SkyView’s design to mitigate the issue.” Dynon expects deliveries to resume in February.

And it’s not just those displays for homebuilts that are suffering from the supply chain issue, according to Dynon, but other products are experiencing manufacturing and shipping delays, though its non-display products, it said, are not affected and are available for immediate delivery.

As if that weren’t all enough, Dynon reports that delays to shipping its SkyView HDX displays is tied up with the FAA, as the company chose to include a revision to its HDX display with an approval for its autopilot in the Beech Bonanza 36 model, and that approval has taken “much longer than we ever expected,” the company wrote.

Once it has earned the approval, according to a separate press release detailing these delays, it will be available immediately after the Bonanza autopilot approval. Dynon is telling its dealers and customers to put off upgrade decisions that include the autopilot in question if it is “crucial to your airplane.”


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